Value-added tax restoration in combination with taxation types after results of the cameral tax inspection

In the end of the quarter the business owner delivered a value-added tax declaration to the tax inspection, in which there was a right for the tax restoration from a budget.

Tax inspection checked the declaration and refused it. The reason for this was a fact that the business owner didn’t prove a separate accounting, combining 2 types of taxation – general tax and united tax for an imputed income.

Inspectors “deducted” the declared deduction. After that recharging sum was about 1.3 million rubles.

Our specialists checked the disputable declaration, source documents and tax registers.

Using our recommendations, business owner made corrections in his current politics in the separate accounting, in source documents and tax registers, sent the changed declaration and all documents, which proved separate accounting.

Our specialists also made Objections on cameral tax inspection act and writing explanations about additional activities of the tax control.

Result: tax service looked through all documents and made a judgment that the sum of tax should be restored to our Client.