Creation of documents for the confirmation of a separate accounting in a wholesale and retail trading

After getting of tax inspection results, the tax inspection charged the business owner taxes in the unite type of taxation, also the value-added tax.

The reason of recharging by the opinion of the tax inspection was the absence of a separate accounting. The business owner used 2 types of activities – wholesale and retail trading. For the retail trade the united tax of imputed profits was used, for the wholesale trade the united tax was used.

By a current legislation separate accounting of the profit and made losses has to be used for different types of taxation. But the way of separate accounting is not fixated.

Task: to develop documents for a proof of the separate accounting

Because of the current situation our specialist created documents for a proof of the separate accounting, including accounting politics, calculation of wholesale and retail received earnings, calculation of the prime cost, distribution of other losses.

Result: based on our documents during an appeal against inspection results, the court made a decision in favor of our Client. Disputed sum was 290 thousand rubles.