Juridical Services


Success in a value-added tax compensation depends from different cases: equivalence between source documents, invoices and requests of the Tax Code, correct explanation and creation of the deal about properties and services (work), strict observance of controllers’ requests.
“ARNICON” finished the group of ten tax inspections, also connected to value-added tax compensations, for the last 5 years.   
The use of personal methods of value-added tax compensation makes it possible to pass through tax inspections with minimal risks for a Client.
97% of all tax inspections with our specialists were finished by a full compensation of the value-added tax on a bank account of a Client’s company. Moreover, 90% of them were finished in a pretrial way.
Services for a value-added tax compensation includes:

  •  Support of the one deal – consultations, analysis of tax risks, creation of agreement projects, creation of source documents.
  • Preparation for the inspection procedure of the tax declaration about a value-added tax.
  • Support of tax inspections about a value-added tax.
  • Value-added tax compensation in a court.
  • Preparation of an official request to the tax service about disputable   formulation of the Tax Code about value-added tax compensation  and about tax deduction for the tax on the value-added cost.

         Our practice in value-added tax compensation can decide such situations:

  • Quarterly valued-added tax compensation when company does not have earnings for 3 or more years.
  • Value-added tax compensation from the capital construction of big real estates.
  • Systematically value-added tax compensations when company has a big sum of lease payments.
  • Value-added tax compensation from monthly huge rent expenses of an agricultural equipment during the absence activity.
  • Value-added tax compensation during the combination of types of activities – wholesale and retail trades.
  • Value-added tax compensations from interdependent companies from one holding company.

Examples from our practice You can find here.