Juridical Services


Imperfection of the Russian legislation in a tax area leads to alternative interpretations of the current legislation as from business owners and also from employees of the tax service. Because of this the raise of tax risks and financial looses after tax inspections appear.
Taxpayer has to make a list of activities to low risks from tax services: correctly made documents about real done deals, making and collecting additional documents about “disputable” expenses which should be necessary for the value-added tax, permanent analysis of arbitral practice in taxation questions.
Permanent legal support in a preparation and making of juridical important documents will make it possible to low tax risks of Your business. 
If You don’t have a lawyer for taxes, You can ask help in “ARNICON”.
Our specialists have a great experience in questions about tax risks lowering for business owners from the successful tax practice.
Ordering such service You will get:

  • Expertise and making of contractor’s agreements
  • Creation of internal documents – orders, instructions, regulations for explanation of every type of dispute or dubious expenses
  • Collection of court practice and regulatory legal acts (letters from the Federal Migratory Service, the Ministry of Economics of Russian Federation)
  • Creation of business plans for explanation of the purpose of creation of the company (group of companies)
  • Expert consultations about difficult questions from civil, labour and tax legislation
  • Creation of requests and letters for tax services about difficult questions in tax legislation

For tax risks lowering our specialists create and use individual methods, schemes, algorithms and documents subject to the situation of a Client and his business and current legislation.
Examples from practice You can find here.