Juridical Services


In an everyday economical situation in a strong competitive activity tax planning is becoming a necessary thing for the further development and prosperity of any business.

Tax planning lets the company to low the tax loading and at the same time to raise the efficiency of a business.

Tax optimization is a basic part of the tax planning and is a complex of activities, made for the tax lowering legally.

Our practice shows that in 90% of causes it is possible to low the tax loading for any business by the use of legal ways.

“ARNICON” is glad to offer ready decisions and also personal individual optimization models, subject to Your business.

Our specialists use unique methods for the lowering of the tax loading, subject to the current legislation and the current arbitral practice.

Tax optimization includes such services:

Analysis of the current situation in business

  • Check of current taxation schemes
  • Analysis of current contracts
  • Exposure of reserves for lowering of tax loading

Creation of optimal schemes subject to business specifics

  • Creation of the optimal business structure (division of the main business part – sales/creation and service functions on different business structures)
  • Creation of a group of companies – holding company structure
  • Financial calculation of the total tax loading “before” and “after” optimization
  • Creation of financial and tax politics for the main purpose of companies from the holding company
  • Creation of activities for the security of business owners’ assets
  • Creation of juridical documents for lowering tax loading
  • Creation of detailed recommendations for business owners and employees for an optimal scheme implementation

The result of the tax optimization for the business owner will be the tax lowering and the total income raise, the raise of the assets security and the lowering of tax risks.

Examples of projects, made for tax lowering and tax planning, You can find here.