Juridical Services


The result of tax inspections for verified companies depends not only from the quality of accountant’s and tax calculation but also from different reasons – current tax policy of the country, experience absence, etc.

Looking at statistics for the last years, 90% of all tax inspections are finished by extra tax charge and involvement in tax, administrative and criminal liabilities.

Correct use of laws in combination with a great experience of tax inspections will let You make tax and financial risks minimal.

Tax risks lowering in a current economical situation is becoming a very important part of the security tax system for every business owner nowadays.

“ARNICON” is ready to offer our services in cameral and outside tax inspections’ support:

  • Preparing procedures for tax inspection (tax audit).
  • Acquaintance with the current situation of a Client and the following strategy development of the tax inspection passing.
  • Analysis of requests about document transferring for legality inspections.
  • Preparing of notifications, explanations, and petitions for tax department subject to tax legislation demands, a Client’s situation and an authority power of tax service employees.
  • Consultations for employees and a management of the company
  • Interest intermediation of a Client in the Tax Service by our specialists

The result of this work will be the lowering of extra tax charge and the penalty size.