Juridical Services


Situations, when a difficult question with contractors, employees or government can be solved only by a court, appear more often every day.

The result of any question (dispute about debts from a buyer, labour dispute or appeal of litigations after tax inspections) depends on different facts, but the main one is a person who represents Your interests in a court.

Experience in litigations and permanent practice in problem situations decision will raise chances in upholding of Your interests in a court.

Working for a long time, “ARNICON” has got a great experience in representation of our Clients’ interests in a court.

Representation of Your interests, made by our layers, includes such services:

  • Assessment of a case availability – for FREE
  • Making of a stateme nt of claim
  • Preparation of responses, requests and explanations
  • Representation by our specialists in a judicial process
  • Making of appeals
  • Participation in the execution process

For detailed information You can ask the juridical department (tel. (4712) 73-74-00) or make a request by e-mail: office@arnicon.ru

Examples from our practice You can find here.