Juridical Services

Local acts development

Local acts (internal documents) should be in every company.

They allow to determine peculiarities of an employment relationship inside the company – the calculation of employees’ remuneration, regulations of leaves and assignments, etc.

Correct local acts allow to avoid problems during different inspections, made by the Labour Inspection, Tax Inspection and also during disputes with employees. 

Our company is glad to offer local acts development:

  • Establishment

  • Leave roster
  • Internal rules
  • Regulation for the labour remuneration
  • Regulation for personal data processing
  • Regulation for leaves
  • Regulation for assignments
  • Regulation for training, retraining and professional development of employees
  • Orders for accepting, dismissal, transfer, granting leave, assignments
  • Orders for the primary activity

“ARNICON”’s practice in local acts development numbers some hundred different documents for trade companies, public caterings, agricultural and construction companies.