Juridical Services


Litigations of tax inspection results are made by inspected companies and business owners in 80% causes. Most of them are finished by a victory of a taxpayer and a decision of an act after inspection results illegal.

The use of legal ways for an act decision or a decision after inspection results illegal will make it possible to decrease bringing to book risks and tax recharge risks or to avoid it absolutely.  

“ARNICON” is ready to offer You different services for tax dispute settlement and can call in questions of tax inspections in a pretrial order or in a court.

Pretrial decision of tax disputes is:


Examples from our practice you can find here.


Settlement of tax disputes are going judicially in a case when a dispute is not finished on a pretrial stage.

In this question we are offering such services:

  • Perspective assessment of the tax dispute – for FREE.
  • Making of a complaint about invalidation of the tax service decision.
  • Making of a complaint about invalidation of the tax payment claim.
  • Making of a complaint about invalidation of the tax service employees doings.
  • Document preparations for a conclusive database creation.
  • Making of writing explanations.
  • Reply preparation.
  • “ARNICON”’s specialists participation in a court session.
  • Consultations for employees and management.


“ARNICON”s statistics: 90% of all tax disputes with “ARNICON”s specialists were finished by a victory of our Clients.  

Categories of disputes:

  • Value-added tax compensation.
  • The use of business breaking up schemes.
  • Payment of the salary “in envelopes”.
  • Activity of the business during accounting absence in wholesale and merchandising trades.
  • The use of temporary companies.

Calculation of the united tax for imputed earnings from floorspaces which are not for trading – offices and storehouses.