Juridical Services

Analysis and contract development

Nowadays contract paperwork for made transactions is an inalienable component of any business.

Correct contract is a half of the battle in interaction with contractors, staff and supervise instances.

Incorrect contract, absence of essential conditions and other mistakes can cause financial risks.

“ARNICON” is glad to offer different services:

Analysis of active contracts with the purpose of possible risks detection

After agreement with a Client detailed report about found mistakes and disc repancy with links from the current legislation can be done. Also our lawyers can prepare recommendations for some contract changes.

Preparing of different contracts

Every client is getting an individual project of the contract, subject to specificity of the situation and existing limits. Tax specialists of our company are glad to offer the ready decision for tax risks lowering for the concrete deal.

Consultations for execution and preparing of the contracts.

“ARNICON” has practice in such types of contracts:

  • Vendor contract
  • Sales contract
  • Service rendering contract
  • Contractor’s contract
  • Retail contract
  • Premises and transport rental contract
  • Transportation contract
  • Transport expedition contract
  • Loan contract
  • Agent contract
  • Gratuitous transfer contract
  • Control contract
  • Cession contract
  • Assignment contract
  • Custodianship contract
  • Work contract with an employee
  • Work contract with a general director