Management of the salary and employees is a full cycle from accepting of the employee till his dismissal with preparation of all documents and reports. Our practice shows that management of the salary and management of the employees have their own specifics. It is necessary to look for changes in the labour and tax legislation, to make correctly and in-time create payment and personnel documents for an absence of labour and tax disputes. That’s why changes from management of the salary and employees to outsourcing are becoming more and more popular.
         Our practice in tax questions about salary payments and taxation, labour disputes with employees makes it possible to find the correct decision in document execution and also to justify any losses in salaries and other losses for tax inspection experts.
         “ARNICON” is glad to offer such complex of services about management of the salary and employees:

  •  Management of the salary for employees
  • Calculation of the personal income tax
  • Calculation of the insurance premium
  • Calculation of rewards for the contract with individuals
  • Calculation of the salary for sick lists, vacations, compensations for a non-used vacation during dismissal, dismissal pays and other compensations
  • Creation of orders and other document for an acceptance, dismissal or vacation
  • Making of the employment history
  • Making of the personal information for employees
  • Preparation and delivering reports for salaries to the Tax inspection, Pension fund and Social insurance fund.

         Costs for the service “Salary and employees” depends from the amount of employees of the company and types of charges.
         Costs for the service “Salary and employees” You can find here.