With a development of IT-technologies and Internet the popularity of different services, which are making by companies remotely from a Client, are raising.
         Remote business accounting is a full cycle of a Client’s business accounting in the office of “ARNICON”.
         Source documentation, such as invoices, calculations and payment orders, are usually made by a Client.
         Business accounting and tax declaration creation are made by a business account department of our company.
         You are getting not only business accounting and reporting creation, but also ready decisions for tax risks and tax loading lowering from our tax consultants.
         Our service “Remote office accountant” includes:

  • Checking of source documents and contracts
  • Transferring of source documents to 1C database
  • Checking of the observance of the cash desk limits
  • Determination of financial results – income and loss after activity results
  • Tax accounts subject to a Client’s current system of taxation
  • Forming of payment orders for a tax payment
  • Forming of the business accounting – balance sheet, reports about incomes and losses, reports about fund movements
  • Forming of tax declarations
  • Delivering of reports
  • Consultations

         The cost of services is individual for every Client. The cost depends from different facts: the amount of documentations and employees, the difficulty of operations, the system of taxation of the company, etc.  Anyway our Client is paying for our services, basing on justice and soundness. The cost for business accounting is usually not bigger than an average salary of the office accountant.